my thoughts are jumbled, but here they are.

chloe and i are finally all settled in to our new little home. we like where we are located and we are happy with the walls and smells in this place. we have two roommates. one named jessica and one named savannah and they are oh, so lovely. the more i get to know them, the more they make me grin. 

today i got excited and nervous for school to start - all at the same time. i also signed up for a polynesian club. because i'm awesome.

i'm going to get a job soon. i don't know where, i don't know how. but i will get it, and i will finally be able to breathe. 

today i spent hours doing dishes, organizing cupboards, scrubbing floors, cooking dinner, putting my room in order, and wiping down counters. i'm not really sure about this "home-maker" side of me that's coming out right now, but i think i like her. she's driven and she gets things done. i'm not expecting her to stay very long, but then again, maybe she found her permanent place in my bones. i wouldn't mind.

i have been shy again lately, and not really willing to let new people in to my bubble. i hope i can change this soon because i'd really like to make some new friends and memorize some new faces. i don't want to be the person who runs out of words to say just because she's afraid they won't taste right coming out of her mouth. people are going to appreciate me for who i really am, i just have to be willing to show them that person. 

i'm not very good at volleyball, but i will learn.

i will like it here in this city, in this apartment. i will. a lot. i just need more time to completely transition. i think we're all a little homesick in our own way. "yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions... and i will make an instrument of thee in my hands. 

"and it came to pass that (Brittani) took courage to go forth." 
[Alma 17]

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