i don't know much...

but i do know that:

i can see the temple from my apartment window

frozen custard makes my stomach smile

ron pope and rosi golan have beautiful voices and, more importantly, beautiful lyrics.

the D on the mountain is toward the west. i now have my bearings here in this little town.

you can almost always find a place to get free food. most of the time, it's in the institute building. freshman fifteen, here i come.

it's easiest to play guitar when your fingernails are cut short

i am liking each little piece of my college life so far. 

there is someone i am missing very much. but he put my name in the temple again today, so i'm going to be okay. we're going to be okay.

the people in my institute class are spiritual giants. i will be well fed by them

despite the heat, the sun's rays will not actually melt my tires. 

i tear up when i listen to "called to serve"

i discover brand new things every single day. there is so much for me to learn. 

also, this gospel is true. every single day.  

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