bucket list

{{some pictures will hopefully be added soon... but for now, enjoy my list}}

1. fall in love and stay in love
2. name my little girl after my grandmother
3. ride a horse on the beach
4. send a present to a soldier
5. get accepted into a good college
6. be kissed in a thunderstorm
7. celebrate st. patricks day in ireland
8. go back to mexico
9. be snowed in
10. see "the phantom of the opera" live
11. go to temple square in the winter with a cute boy

12. build a tree house, and carve my name + his name, into the same tree.
13. plant and grow a garden
14. have a giant snowball fight with all the people i love
15. go on a road trip with my best friends
16. learn how to play guitar
17. ride a mechanical bull
18. attend a masquerade
19. go backstage at a concert
20. spend a week at lake powell
21. go to the four corners
22. send a letter in the mail, and receive one back
23. go skinny dipping and streaking
24.do something totally strange in public
25. be on the kissing cam at a sporting event
26. ride the scariest, tallest, fastest rollercoaster in the world
27. get to the point where i don't care what others think of me
28. stop people who are gossiping
29. campout on the beach
30. go skydiving
31. go scuba diving
32. have a wardrobe that i absolutely love
33. write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
34. visit all the places i’ve always wanted to go
35. be married in the salt lake temple to my best friend
36. go legit rock climbing and repelling
37. watch baby turtles hatch
38. kiss a cowboy at a rodeo
39. go to a christina perri concert
40. ride an elephant
41. pet a cow
42. set foot on all 7 continents
43. see a spider without screaming
44. write something in wet cement
45. visit esteban in france
46. tour europe
47. make an important decision with a coin toss
48. if not in a serious relationship at the age of 21 19 serve an LDS mission.
49. go inside a haunted house
50. ride in a hot air balloon
51. kiss under mistletoe
52. have a photo shoot with my best friends
53. chase after the end of a rainbow
54. have a song dedicated to me
55. be on tv in some sort of way
56. rake a pile of leaves and jump into it
57. go on a blind date
58. own a Harley davidson
59. sleep out under the stars
60. run for student body president senior year
61. attend every girls choice dance my senior year
62. spend a full day at a public school
63. visit disneyland on halloween
64. paint rocks and leave them in random places
65. ride in a helicopter
66. kiss someone at the top of a ferris wheel
67. kiss someone in the fountain thing at lagoon
68. take a picture with my brothers by the disneyland castle
69. make eye contanct with someone, and smile instead of awkwardly looking away
70. tell someone how much they mean to me
71. encourage someone to go on a mission
72. help strengthen someones testimony
73. make a complete stranger laugh
74. receive my favorite flowers from a young man
75. pay for a strangers groceries
76. be someone's valentine/ have one
77. have a dance party in the pouring rain
78. visit nauvoo
79. make a difference
80. inspire someone
81. doorstep scene
82. go on an entirely awkward date
83. go to every “big city” in the united states
84. go parasailing
85. ride in a firetruck
86. donate to charity
87. own a bikini {even if i never wear it}
88. gummy bear someone’s car
89. eat healthy for longer than a week
90. start an exercise routine
91. see a play on brodway in new york city
92. ride in a sumbarine
93. be kissed unexpectedly
94. new years kiss
95. save someone’s life
96. overcome a fear
97. save/adopt a puppy or a kitten
98. go to times square
99. have someone win me a giant stuffed animal
100. catch a firefly
101. jump into a pool fully clothed
102. take a homeless person out to lunch
103. be in a giant food fight
104. mud wrestle
105. get in a taxi and yell, “follow that car!”
106. be part of a flash mob
107. ride first class
108. dance with my dad at my wedding
109. own a pair of cowboy boots
110. learn fluent sign language
111. slow dance in the rain
112. own a nice camera
113. learn fluent Spanish
114. tip a cow
115. grown an apple tree
116. get one of my poems/short stories published
117. drive down route 66
118. get truly lost and find my way back home
119. move into an apartment with my best friend
120. die with no regrets