well hey there, my name's brittani and i'm happy to see you here
no, really. i'm very glad you came.

some of my friends call me britt. my best friend calls me hugo, my cousin calls me nitters, my coach calls me BR, my mom calls me daughter-child, my dad calls me sweettart, and my brothers call me "sister", and those who don't know me?
call me crazy.

go ahead and chose your poison, or concoct one of your own
though i wouldn't recommend sister or sweettart... that'd be weird.

here's the download. the 411, if you will. i'm loony and i love it. i depend on humor and my Savior to get me through hard things. i enjoy making people laugh. it's hard for me to find any person that i don't honestly love and care about. yeah, i've seen more marriages fail than i'd like and  i've even had my own heart broken by a boy who never really cared but i can't stop believing that love exists, somewhere. i try hard to be fashionable and present myself, but honestly i prefer sweats over jeans and baggy boys shirts over blouses. i'd chose basketball over cheerleading any day, eating over calorie-counting, the walking dead over twilight, and science fiction over romance. i'm weird, and i know it. but i'm not trying to fit in, i'm fine to stand out. why would i want to be everyone else when i've got the chance to be a one-of-a-kind?

i'm pretty laid back, as you might find, but there are a few things that ruffle my feathers, and more often than not these are the things i'll be blogging about. not to sound negative or anything, but i'm not going to make my life sound like it's perfect just because i'm hiding behind a computer screen. no. flat out, honest to goodness, plain and natural-faced truth is: this is me. and take me or leave me, i am happy with who i am. so welcome, to my blog