this thanksgiving weekend was particularly awesome because my momma and my little brother came down to sunny st. george to celebrate with me. i thought that they weren't coming, so i was pleasantly surprised. 

we had a splendid feast at my grandmother's home. then we skyped my favorite big brother for a couple of hours. as you can see, we had a great time.

By the time we got done with our skype call, it was about one, so I headed back to my apartment.

then i got to spend all black friday with them, too. we were gonna go see ender’s game, but it was sold out. It was probably  bad call to leave the house on black friday, anyway. So instead, we got a movie from red box and watched it on my grandma’s TV and ate turkey leftovers and snuggled on her couch. i felt so warm and safe cuddled up between my mom and my brother.

we got cafĂ© rio for dinner and snuggled some more. then it was getting late so druw went to bed but i stayed up until 03:00 with my mom, just talking. it was so nice. i didn’t want to go home, even though I could barely keep my eyes open, because I knew that if I left, it meant she would be going home.

that’s the hardest part of having your family come visit.

they’re just visiting.

they have to leave.

but i’m seriously so grateful for the time that i got to spend with them. i would do anything for my family and i’m so lucky to have mine. i miss them so much but i’m so blessed to get to spend eternity with them. my heart is full this thanksgiving. i hope you all took some time to count your blessings this week. we take too many things for granted when we have them. 

i am so grateful for my family. i wouldn't be me if it weren't for them.

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