excuses, like socks, are worn by all

I’ve been making way too many excuses for why i haven’t been writing and most of them are “my thoughts are too jumbled.”

Well guess what, y’all?

My thoughts are still jumbled. And frankly I don’t think that’s gonna change any time soon.

And I’m TOTALLY done making excuses. So whateva.

I think that’s one of the beautiful parts of being a human being. You take your jumbled thoughts and then it’s your job to sort them and help them make sense. And it’s not always easy… but isn’t that the best part? Because, after all, what's easy that’s ever really worth it? Nothing that I can think of. Everything worth getting to takes work.


So it’s like… I’m registering for fall courses online right now…

And for some reason, some wise guy decided to schedule every single class in the same 7 hour window. So I’m kind of having a rough time "fine tuning" my schedule.

Well anyway I can’t stop listening to this song.

It’s like… supah cute.

All I can think about is “one day, I hope someone looks into my eyes and feels all the chords of this song rolling like guitar strings in their bones. Cause that would be pretty dang awesome.”

Also, the lyrics.

But especially the chords. They’re just… so happy, you know? 

And that’s all I hafta say about that.

Did I mention that my star is out now? J

Winter is coming.

I always have mixed feelings about winter. I get so anxious because cold weather means snow and snow means falling in love. Not necessarily with people (although sometimes, yes.) but mostly falling in love with my world again. Snow makes everything new. It makes driving new, it makes walking to class new, it makes the sunsets newer and brighter. New things make me anxious, and love makes me anxious. But I also love it. Winter feels like home to me. Winter is remembering –it’s nostalgia that hits like icy snow drifts with every sight and smell. It’s regretting and it’s hoping. And I’m a romantic so pain and wistfulness are beautiful to me. That is why winter will always be my favorite month.

And it’s coming.


But I’m busy and stuff. So those are all the words I have for you today.

Have I ever mentioned that I love fragments?

Cause I do.


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